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Oil & Gas

Ecoflight over Navajoland

See the Effects

Explore the effects of New Mexico's fossil fuel dependency in Google Earth.

New Mexico is a leading producer of crude oil and natural gas.

Extracting oil and gas in San Juan County

Oil and gas extraction and production (refineries, cracking plants, pipeline leaks) account for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions even before final uses.

  • The San Juan Basin contains the largest US fields of natural gas.
  • The Permian basin holds three of our nations largest 100 oil fields – the largest in the intermountain west.
  • New Mexico also extracts and produces carbon dioxide at the Bravo Dome area.

Thirty-one percent of the electricity generated in New Mexico comes from natural gas. Two-thirds of our homes use natural gas for heating. About 20-25% of the state's General Fund comes from oil and gas revenues, replacing income taxes.