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Food Gap Reports

Here are links to reports prepared for Dreaming New Mexico by Janet Reeves, UNM Prevention Research Center.

  • The federal definition of food insecurity?

  • The federal definition of hunger?

  • NM counties: food insecure and hungry populations?

  • County, state and federal departments and agencies and the food gap issue and  the nutrition and public health consequences

  • Private sector (including NGO) groups and NM's food gap issues

  • Major difficulties in getting enough food to all the citizens in need.

  • Dream that allow hungry people to feed themselves.

  • "Think tank" and charette needs.

  • Food gap government agencies and private sector charities and local food purchasing? Does any exist?

  • Food Stamps can be used at Farmer's Markets? What's the dream? What’s the doable dream?

  • What are the successful models for alleviating hunger and increasing food access dealing innovatively with issues of food access and hunger?

  • What are some strategies using local food to alleviate hunger?

  • What are the financial obstacles at the state and community level to alleviating hunger?